Innovative water saving technology, based on recirculation of the same water when it is warming up

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Summary of the technology

The present invention has the following advantages comparing to existing technologies:

1 - It is easy to mount, either in new construction or in existing, because it is a kit and does not involve works of alteration;
2 - It is modular, which allows scaling the technology to all sites or only where the highest consumption occur;
3 - It is reliable because it is based on components with many years of use in hot water systems;
4 - It is automatic, as it connects with the movement of opening a hot water tap on and automatically shuts down ;
5 - it is economic because while consuming electric power, consumption is very low and only for a few seconds;
6 - has a high cost-benefit ratio, it can generate savings that make the return on investment in short times.

Description of the technology

A partnership between researchers of the University of Aveiro and private partners developed an innovative water saving technology, based on recirculation of the same water when it is warming up. The advantages of this process regarding to some other solutions are ver easy to find: it is used a kit and it is controlled by opening and closing their own jigging lines of hot water. The university is looking for enterprises wishing to manufacture and market the technology developed.


The technology consists of a kit, which settles in the water distribution boxes as found in systems making use of cross linked polyethylene pipes, commonly known as PEX, formed by a pressure switch, a thermostat, a circulation pump and valves. When we open the hot water tap, the supply system downstream of the pressure switch is activated and it leads to the circulation pump starting, which returns the hot water to the cold water pipe and for the heating device, preventing it to being lost to the sewer.

Main advantages of its use

  • This technology can generate, depending on the type of using, water savings in the order of 10% to 15%, depending on various factors such as location, time of the year and consumption habits.


  • All buildings with hot water systems, domestic or industrial. The savings are more evident in large facilities such as gymnasiums, hospitals, schools and some others that are using hot water in a intermitente way. It has also the possibility to be used in industrial applications.

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About uacoopera

Technology Transfer Office from Portugal

The University of Aveiro is a young and innovative university, which fosters entrepreneurship and technology and knowledge transfer, with expertise in a wide range of knowledge areas namely IT, Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Health, Environmental Sciences), Nanotechnology and Materials Science, Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Building, Design and Management. uacoopera is the Technology Transfer Office of University of Aveiro. This office engages in value adding activities such as start-up and spin-off creation, support to university-industry cooperation (sponsored research and consultancy services), IP protection and prosecution, licensing, marketing, among others. It covers four main interrelated functional areas – Intellectual Property Management, Licensing, Entrepreneurship, and Industry Liaison.

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