Soy-Based Cationic Surfactant with CO2 Sequestration

Summary of the technology

Airable Research Lab has synthesized a bio-based cationic surfactant that can replace more toxic products.
The Airable product provides a secondary environmental benefit: a unique technology that sequesters
greenhouse gases by consuming CO2 in synthesis.

Airable Research Lab, business line of Ohio Soybean Council

Details of the Technology Offer

Soybean oil is functionalized to impart water solubility characteristics. The oil treatment also allows the oil to absorb and sequester CO2, a primary greenhouse gas. The result is a bio-based cationic surface-acting agent.

Surface cleaning
Dispersants / emulsifiers
Oil and gas recovery

High foaming
Surface tension of 37 dynes/cm
Bio-based, with 57% renewable carbon
8 %wt CO2
High solubility, critical micelle concentration of 0.1 % wt. in water

Related Keywords

  • Cleaning Technology
  • Chemistry
  • Capture and Storage of CO2
  • Sustainability
  • Energy
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Oil, gas and coal
  • surfactant

About Airable Research Lab, business line of Ohio Soybean Council


Growing sustainability concerns have prompted advocacy for stricter chemical regulations, and both evolving policy and consumer preference have stimulated market shifts toward bio-based raw materials. Soybeans have broad applications across both consumer and industrial spheres, often providing benefits in terms of cost, function, and sustainability.

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