Winemaking yeast for use in nitrogen-deficient musts

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Summary of the technology

We are currently seeking strategic partners for licensing or collaborative research to apply and use this strain in the production of commercial wines. Non-transgenic yeast strains of Saccaromyces cerevisiae (identified as ‘686’), genetically enhanced to produce wine from nitrogen-deficient musts, as a product of a genetic enhancement program for the efficient use of natural nitrogen sources in musts.

Details of the Technology Offer

  • This strain allows to produce premium wine at a commercial level independent of nitrogen levels in the must, without incorporating process modifications.
  • No need to add external sources of nitrogen, avoiding the production of unwanted compounds and the need to reactivate fermentation, which affect the quality of the wine produced, decreasing its commercial value.
  • Improves productivity and avoids process stoppages, reducing production costs because no supplement is needed for enzymatic activity.

Current development status

Working prototypes


These strains can be used by all wine producers in the world, since nitrogen deficiency in musts is a cross-cutting problem in the wine market. The main wine producing markets worldwide are: North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific.

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :CL201903925

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About Hub APTA

We are Andes Pacific Technology Access (APTA) a Chilean corporation that manages new science-based business opportunities derived from translational science. We commercialize technologies developed by our partners (universities and research centres) and identify their R&D capabilities to connect and serve international companies. To transfer high-impact technologies to multiple industries and propel science-based Start-Ups #madeinchile to the market. We aim to enhance the collaboration between the Chilean scientific community and the global innovation ecosystem, to promote the country as an innovation hotspot in Latin America.

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