Reliable, low-cost Multilevel Converter

Summary of the technology

A novel multilevel converter that reduces cost and power losses, while improving efficiency and reliability adaptable to many applications, including motor drives, UPS, electric vehicles, electric generation, and electric transmission.

Details of the Technology Offer

This technology is a new multilevel converter that operates with fewer components than the existing alternatives, saving costs, losses, size, and weight, allowing volume reduction, increasing efficiency, and improving equipment reliability. This approach decreases the use of capacitors and switches and avoids the use of diodes over existing alternatives. This converter can be used in various applications, such as motor drives, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), traction (rail), boat propulsion, electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, power transmission, and electronic devices, among others.

This technology allows the construction of converters with a smaller number of components than the existing alternatives, which can save up to 30% in costs per component. In addition, the reduction in size and weight of the system, allows volume reduction, and thus increased efficiency and use in different applications. Furthermore, the use of this technology can reduce system failures, increasing the reliability of the equipment.

Current development status

Experimental technologies


Electric vehicles

Electric drives

Solar and wind generation


Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :CL/201602365
  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :US/2020/028445B1
  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :EP/17852052

Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Road Vehicles
  • Transmission of electricity
  • Generators, electric engines and power converters
  • Solar / Thermal Energy Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Power generation

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