Evaluation of mechanical and fracture properties by miniature punching test

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Summary of the technology

In recent decades, many researchers have used the miniature punching test in order to obtain the mechanical and fracture properties of a material, in cases where there is not enough material to carry out standardized tests. such as in the case of welds or irradiated material. In this sense, a procedure has been developed to evaluate the fracture toughness using pre-cracked miniature punching specimens.


Details of the Technology Offer

New and innovative aspects

A new test procedure is proposed, which allows the fracture properties of the material to be obtained, in cases where a sufficient quantity of material is not available to be able to carry out standardized tests.

Main advantages of its use

The methodology developed aims to become a new test procedure, which allows obtaining the fracture properties of the material, in cases where a sufficient quantity of material is not available to carry out standardized tests.
The generation of the initial crack in the SPT specimens, prior to the test, has been carried out through laser microcracking. After an initial calibration, the laser is applied longitudinally from the bottom face, from the center of one side of the specimen to the center of the opposite side.


The miniature punching test or “Small Punch Test” (SPT) basically consists of punching a small square or circular specimen, by means of a highly rigid punch, with the periphery of the specimen embedded by two dies (see image section ).
On the other hand, the FAD diagram (failure assessment diagrams) is a procedure for evaluating the structural integrity of any cracked component. Said diagram considers the effect of the crack, geometry and material properties such as fracture toughness, taking into account its plastic behavior. It is assumed that the failure of the component or specimen occurs at the moment in which the failure line defined by the FAD diagram is reached, which can be defined through different levels of analysis, depending on the properties of the available material.
An integrated procedure has been established between the test of pre-cracked SPT specimens and the FAD diagram, supporting the study in numerical simulation, with the aim of estimating and quantitatively determining the fracture toughness of steels. From a portion of material the size of a cent coin, the work carried out allows estimating the most important properties from the point of view of strength and fracture.


The miniature punching test could be applied in the characterization of welds. It would also be valid for studying degraded material from thermal and nuclear power plants within their inspection programs.

Desired business relationship

Commercial Agreement, License Agreement, Technical Cooperation: further development; Technical Cooperation: testing new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

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