AONIR PLATFORM, for in line and real-time production characterization based on NIRS technology.

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Summary of the technology

AONIR is our system based on NIR spectroscopy, for inline monitoring of processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It allows real-time quality control of the entire production process, from the evaluation of raw materials to the final product. This monitoring, in addition to homogenising production and increasing the quality of the final product, achieves more efficient and sustainable production.

Details of the Technology Offer

AONIR is our system, based on NIR spectroscopy, for in-line process monitoring in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Suitable for real-time quality control of the entire production process, from the evaluation of raw materials to the final product. In addition to homogenising production, this monitoring allows quick actions to prevent the product from being out of specifications.

Our AONIR can work with contact (installation in pipes, tanks, etc.) and without contact (conveyor belts). Both versions integrate all its components in a single device, enabling the final data to be sent to a PLC/SCADA or to our IoT platform, therefore it can be easily integrated into food systems and equipment. It is suitable for different food applications such as dairy, chocolate, wine/beer, oil, meat and fish, cereals and flours detecting, among others, percentages of fat, protein, moisture, alcohol, fatty acids, as well as for the detection of counterfeit and adulterated products.

Our equipment can be configured according to the specifications of each customer, adapting only to the parameters to be monitored, thus achieving a great reduction in the manufacturing cost and therefore obtaining a very competitive final price.

In addition, together with our device, we offer a calibration and maintenance service essential for the proper operation of the equipment, thus solving one of the major obstacles of this technology, the lack of qualified personnel in these technologies.

With our platform, we aim to provide food industries with a cost-effective tool that allows global control of the production process through advanced instrumentation. The use of NIR technology will allow the reduction of out-of-specification products, thus reducing waste and the need to treat these batches before disposal, achieving homogeneity in production and making it more sustainable in line with EU guidelines.

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ADVANCED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES S.L. (AOTECH) is a spin-off company from the University of the Basque Country whose mission is to apply photonic solutions to all kinds of industrial processes. We aim to be a transversal supplier of photonic solutions, so we are developing several technologies that we think can be the key to disrupting solutions in the near future. We have three lines of products: spectroscopy-based devices for the food industry, biosensors for the food and medical industries and the water sector and systems for instrumentation of turbines, compressors and fans, for the aeronautical sector.

For the food industry, we have developed the AONIR platform, which will allow in-line and real-time characterisation of food production, through non-destructive measurements, from the incoming of raw materials to the final product using VIS-NIR spectroscopy.

In addition, we are working on the design and manufacture of biosensors for the in-line and real-time detection of heavy metals and bacteria such as E-Coli in water or allergens such as lysozyme in whey.

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