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AOTECH is a spin-off company from the research group Applied Photonics Group (University of the Basque Country).

Our mission is to apply photonic solutions to all kinds of industrial processes, and nowadays we are focused on these main areas: food/pharma, water sector, biosensors and aeronautics.

First of all, for food and pharmaceutical industries, we have developed AONIR, a VIS-NIR spectroscopy platform that allows the in-line composition analysis of different fluids and solids in real-time.

Currently, we are working on biosensors development. For the water sector, we are developing a new line of biosensors. Our latest project aims to design and develop a biosensor capable of detecting and quantifying the presence of different heavy metals, such as copper and lead, in water simultaneously and in real-time. However, our biosensors will also be able to detect proteins, nitrates, glucose, bacteria such as Legionella or E-coli, among others.

Finally, in aeronautics, we have completed the development of a system based on optical sensors for monitoring turbines and compressors based on the measurement of tip timing (TT) and tip clearance (TC). Thanks to this system, more economical, ecological, and lower fuel consumption aeronautical engines can be achieved.

Work Experience (1)



February 2019 - Present


Academic Studies (1)


University of the Basque Country

September 2001 - June 2006

Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering.

PhD “Development of an optical sensor for tip clearance and tip timing measurements
in turbines”. (University of the Basque Country, 2017).

Awards and achievements (1)



December 2020

AOTECH has been awarded the 2nd Prize in the Technology-Based University Companies category, in the VIII edition of the ABIATU Award, granted by the UPV / EHU, the Department of Economic and Territorial Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Beaz, which have been joining forces in the ZITEK Program for more than a decade.

With this award, the extraordinary work that AOTECH is doing in the field of technological innovation is recognised.

Research areas of interest (3)

  • Agrofood Industry
  • Technologies for the food industry
  • Measurements and Standards

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AONIR is our system based on NIR spectroscopy, for inline monitoring of processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It allows real-time quality control of the entire production process, from the evaluation of raw materials to the final product. This monitoring, in addition to homogenising pro[…]

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