Ink for Anti-Counterfeiting security applications

Summary of the technology

A novel photoluminescent ink has been formulated by synthesizing Eu(FAC)3Phen as a red luminescent down-shifting emitter and employing SrAl2O4:Eu, Dy as a long persistent green phosphor. Both emitters are incorporated to design a photoluminescent ink with binary emission under a single UV excitation wavelength, where a red light is emitted when exposed under 325 nm, subsequently becoming green upon the UV light being switched off. The concept presented here is unequivocally distinct from the classical dual-mode emission, which requires a second extra near-infrared excitation around 980 nm to produce a binary luminescence.

Details of the Technology Offer

The technology concerns a new luminescent ink composed of LDS and afterglow complexes, which release separate emissions under one excitation wavelength and, consequently, simplify the use of the more complex concept of up-converted near-infrared luminescent materials. In contrast to traditional europium(III)β-diketonate complexes as luminescent down-shifting agents,12-15the complex used is Eu(FAC)3Phen that it exhibits a very strong red emission at 612 nm under UV light at 325 nm. Under the same excitation wavelength, the SrAl2O4:Eu, Dy releases a very strong green emission several minutes after
removal of the UV excitation.

There are currently several high-security techniques proposed for the prevention of document and identity fraud, namely,
invisible personal information (IPI) technology containing a special
filter integrated within the polycarbonate data page, rendering concealed personalized data visible. More recent dual-fluorescence mode techniques have been implemented as alternatives in anti-counterfeiting applications using a lanthanide-doped NaLuF4/Y2O3composite,which, upon exposure to excitation with a laser at 980 nm and with UV light at 254 nm, results in a multicolor dual emission.This trend to provide diverse security printing methods comes with its own set of challenges, especially regarding the use of expensive materials. Moreover, while single-fluorescence luminescent materials may be widely integrated as part of the forensic features, they are nonetheless susceptible to potential counterfeiting.

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  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :MA52845

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  • Fine Chemicals, Dyes and Inks
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  • luminescent material
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