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New concept laboratories to analyse the human body movements using a combination of technologies depending on the parts of the body to be analysed. We can combine 3D infrared Motion Capture, surface EMG, instrumented insoles, inertial devices and balance

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Summary of the technology

Integrated and synchronised laboratories, easy to be operated by only one person with reports already defined. Only is needed to fill in the diagnosis or conclusions. It is also prossible to adjust the laboratory specifications to the needs of each user, adapting the reports too. The technologies used are specific to the user needs: hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, sports, insurance companies, national health systems, ergonomy studies, etc.

Description of the tech for sale

New concept laboratories for human body movement analysis and valuation of personal injury using a combination of technologies of 3D infrared Motion Capture, surface EMG and forces measurement. The laboratories work with the different technologies synchronised and creates automatically the final report ready to be analysed by the valuator to write the conclusions or the diagnosis.


The laboratory includes: 3D infrared cameras for motion capture, capture software, analysis software, surface EMG system, forces measurement system, reports protocols and database software, includes updates and upgrades. Adaptations to specific requirements under request. Could be included instrumented insoles to register the distribution of pressure on the feet soles, balance platforms to evaluate the posture and balance, integrated inertial devices (accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers) or video synchronisation.

Main advantages of its use

  • 1 operator system, does not need an interdisciplinary team
  • Synchronises different technologies
  • Creates by use a complete database for datamining
  • Complete already built report, only diagnosis or conclusions to be filled in


  • Healthcare, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation follow up
  • Human movement investigation
  • Biomechanical studies
  • Ergonomic design of work places
  • Sports training
  • Pain simulations detection
  • Gait analysis
  • Detection of overload and muscle fatigue
  • Valuation of personal injuries

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About Other Side Mirror S.L.

Technology Transfer Office from Spain

OSM is a Biomedical Engineering devoted to study the human movement, its analysis, rehabilitation, maintenance and motivation. OSM uses the Biomechanics, Virtual Reality and Mechatronics technologies to develop different devices and tools tailored to the needs of the scientific goals. OSM is partner in national and international projects oriented to the human health.

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