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Summary of the technology

We have developed a new device to improve water quality monitoring. Using BioElectrochemical System (BES) technology, It has the potential to reduce the discharge of pollutants from treatment facilities.

Newcastle University

Details of the Technology Offer

The solution is real-time monitoring. Providing accurate data, will guide immediate action and intervention. Our device delivers a data-driven biology solution for operators and regulators. The BES sensor achieves this at low cost and with minimal maintenance needs.

The technology works by electrogenic bacteria that forms a bio-film on an electrode surface. As they break down organic matter found in wastewater, they donate electrons which generates electricity.

In our BioElectrochemical System (BES) this small amount of electricity equates to the concentration of organics. Conversely, when toxic compounds are present, they inhibit bacteria and the electricity generated reduces.

With our multi-stage BES device, it is possible to extend the dynamic range of the sensor. This expands the applicability for high strength wastewaters. It can establish if this is due to a decrease in organic pollution, requiring less treatment, or an increase in toxicity, requiring more.

The BES sensor, can also provide a calibrated response within specific thresholds for process control.

The technology could impact our management of the environment and offer operational savings for treatment facilities.


There are opportunities to extend this technology into many applications including: Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Rivers, Industrial waste, Marine pipelines.

Current development status

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Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :2110984.8

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  • Measurements and Standards
  • Measurement Tools
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Water Management
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Electronics Related Market
  • Analytical and Scientific Instrumentation
  • Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants

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