Commercially viable, environmentally sustainable conversion of, virtually any, organic carbon waste into high quality renewable energy products matched to market demand.waste

Summary of the technology

1] Eliminates the need for landfill disposal of organic carbon materials, that produce GHG methane, by converting them into renewable fuels that meet the market demand. 2] by recycling carbon that has been removed from the atmosphere, it creates a net zero carbon cycle. 3] with ~20% of the feedstock, by weight, being used as soil amendment and fertilizer, carbon is continually permanently sequestered from the atmosphere providing a net negative carbon loop. 3] The renewable fuels produced (synthetic diesel, renewable natural gas, high octane gasoline, electrical power, methanol, DEM, green coal, others) are a direct replacement for fossil fuels in virtually every fuel application. 4] Mixed with low quality soils, the carbon char quickly raises the soil quality and reduces the water demand in agricultural production of all types. 5] The process can be modified to produce raw chemical feedstock materials similar to those currently derived from petroleum. 6] The conversion facilities are closed loop and release near zero gases to the atmosphere. No toxic or hazardous chemicals are produced.

Reform Earth Technologies, LLC (RET)

Details of the Technology Offer

The primary business model is to focus on the disposal of an environmentally and economically problematic waste, such as municipal solid waste of wastewater treatment plant sludge. The disposal of the material becomes a profitable revenue stream as an on-going cost is eleminated. The facility can be designed and configured to dispose of and convert any volume of feedstock (~50-5,000 tons per day). The CAPEX is determined by a) the feedstock composition and morphology; b) the volume to be processed; and c) the end renewable energy product(s) selected. The first two facilities are currently funded and nearing the completion of the Phase I Feed Study. ~20 facilities are under development in the US and Central America. Investors may invest in single facilities up to the ~$170 million USD for a typical 500mtpd plant, or in multiple facilities as best meets their investment goals. The each facility is structured as a stand-alone project. A typical facility has an IRR of 15-20% and a 4-7 year payoff. Each site will generate ~100-150 good-paying permanent jobs and add ~$5 million annually to the local economy. Each project will typically include a clean-up and bioremediation of an existing landfill, thereby returning valuable land back to beneficial use in the community while eliminating the continuing pollution of the air and groundwater.

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About Reform Earth Technologies, LLC (RET)

Designer, builder of organic carbon waste disposal, conversion facilities that can accept materials such as municipal solid waste, biomass, refinery waste, wastewater treatment plant sludge, agricultural waste, manure and many others...converting them into useful, valuable energy products, such as electrical power, diesel fuel, gasoline, dimethyl ether, methanol, ethanol, and others.

Doug Shackelford

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