Cancer diagnosis by ultrasensitive analysis of circulating miRNAs

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Summary of the technology

New strategies are being developed for cancer diagnosis by ultrasensitive detection of miRNA species from liquid biopsies. The analysis of these tumor biomarkers based on luminescence has great potential, being able to postulate as well as effective tools for early diagnosis and monitoring of new treatments in cancer.

Universidad de Granada

Details of the Technology Offer

In recent years, a rebound in the incidence of diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's ...) and a higher incidence of cancer in Europe and the rest of developed countries, has made it necessary to direct scientific efforts towards the development of new diagnostic tools for the biomarker and drug discovery, early diagnosis and treatment monitoring. These aspects represent the great pillars of the advance towards personalized medicine.

In this direction, new diagnostic strategies are being developed from liquid biopsies, based on the detection of luminescence emission. Thus, the proposed detection methodology has great potential to quantitatively, selectively, and sensitively address the ultrasensitive detection of miRNA species as tumor biomarkers.

These strategies provide new effective diagnostic tools that can be quickly transferred to clinical application, both for early diagnosis and for monitoring new cancer treatments.



  • Quantitative, selective and sensitive detection of miRNAs from liquid biopsies.
  • Effective tools and strategies for cancer diagnosis.
  • Early diagnosis and monitoring of new cancer treatments.

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