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Summary of the technology

RTI Blockchain is a disruptive, innovative solution to registrate all types of returnable transport items (RTI) with your value chain partners. Items such as crates, pallets, rolcontainers, gitterboxes, cilinders, reusable bottles etc. These could either be pooled items as non-pooled or own items.

Details of the Technology Offer

RTI Blockchain is a shared (but anonymously where necessary) ledger that every user can access and register their returnable packaging movements through the value chain. There is only one version of thruth and when looking at one specific transaction, everyone included in that transaction looks at the same data.

It is possible to request empty or full items through the platform as well as sharing/showing your inventory with your value chain partners. The transactions between parties in the chain automatically results in an in- or decrease in your inventory and it keeps track of the balance between you and your supply chain parties.

This way of registering didn’t exist yet and it is already changing the world of RTI registration drastically. 

Related Keywords

  • Supply chain
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  • Digitalization
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About RTI Blockchain

RTI Dashboard is the reliable app for everyones load carrier administration.

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