Weight & gas pressure IoT sensor telemetry solution with machine learning predictive inventory

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Summary of the technology

Pulsa provides predictive inventory via purpose-built, connected hardware and an advanced machine learning backend. We are able to understand variable consumption and tell our customers when they actually need to refill or reorder inventory, instead of repeatedly checking every item. We have built our product to address a large portion of the real-time inventory market, and we are initially focused on industrial gas cylinders. We can eliminate production down time due to depleted gas cylinders and reduce the number of cylinders held in inventory.

Our solution, compared to other existing in-market solutions, is significantly more affordable (10x more affordable than existing solutions) and easier to set up (out of box set-up, does not require technical experience) than existing inventory telemetry products. It also combines the real time inventory knowledge with an advanced machine learning backend that predicts when inventory needs to be replenished and notifies end users.


Technology description

Our product consists of four main components:

  1. Weight scale and gas pressure sensors, which use Bluetooth Low Energy to send measurements

  2. Lightweight gateway which communicates via WIFI or 4G/2G cellular to our cloud services
  3. Android/iOS/web front end dashboard which provides real time measurements and expected depletion date
  4. Machine learning back end which analyzes consumption and provides an expected depletion date


Weight scale:

  • 260 lb capacity
  • 0.25% accuracy
  • 5 yr battery (can be replaced)
  • Can link together up to 16 scales (4x4) for larger weight requirements

Pressure sensor:

  • 3000 psi max
  • 0.5% accuracy
  • 5 yr battery (can be replaced)

New and innovative aspects

  • No wires, no pairing, no maintenance
  • Small size and physical footprint
  • Purpose built to be simple and easy to set up and manage
  • Highly flexible platform - can be used for most types of inventory management
  • Advanced machine learning backend to predict when a given product (gas cylinders, inventory) will run out

Current development status

Commercially available technologies

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About Pulsa

Pulsa makes inventory sensors that measure real-time levels of industrial gas cylinders. We can reduce the number of cylinders a customer holds in inventory and eliminate stockout costs. Through purpose-built hardware and advanced machine learning, we can understand variable consumption and tell our customers when they actually need to replace or reorder inventory.


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