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Commercial Nuclear Technology for Sale or Merger

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Summary of the technology

Sale of commercial nuclear technology & products company. US install base with patents in US, France, UK, Japan, Korea and Company. An excellent track record in Gas Void Management with multiple product installations at a number of different nuclear plants - including PWRs and BWRs. Those plants include St. Lucie, VC Summer, Wolf Creek, McGuire, Millstone and Monticello. The technology applies to all nuclear plant design by eliminating the need to perform ultrasonic testing (UT) on water pipes while trying to ensure there are no air pockets in those pipes. The product directly impacts and improves the safe operation of a nuclear power plant. We seek a technology co-broker for sale or merger with another firm. See TinyURL link below. USD $6 million,

Description of the technology

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Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Where : USA, France, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia

Current development status

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