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Process of extraction of Alkaloid drugs from biomass using sustainable extracting solvent

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Summary of the technology

Our developed technology relates to the use of vegetable oil, a sustainable and green material, for the extraction and production in large scale of specific and highly useful alkaloid drugs as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), from biomass.

Description of the technology

Thefresh or dried plant material containing the targeted active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), is mixed with edible or non-edible vegetable oil. The oil selectively extracts lipophilic alkaloids from the biomass, excluding hydrophilic, unwanted impurities. The resulting crude alkaloid extract is thus easier to purify or to use as such in a drug formulation with oil.

The process uses exclusively fully sustainable solvents such as vegetable oil and it is infinitely scalable.

The process is running at room temperature or under heating below 100°C. No special security measures for solvent handling is required as the solvent used for extraction is vegetable oil.

Main advantages of its use

  • Extraction performance
  • Universability for lipophilic alkaloids
  • Process security
  • Sustainable solvent use
  • Zero emission
  • Accessibility to high value pharmaceuticals at low cost

The process has been WO patented.


The extraction technology using vegetable oil as extracting solvent is considered as a platform as it applies for a large number of alkaloid drugs to extract, namely but, not exclusively to scopolamine, hyoscyamine, galanthamine, colchicine, nicotine, quinine, quinidine, ajmaline, cephalotaxine, thebaine, tabersonine and reserpine.

Desired business relationship

  • Joint ventures
  • Technology development
  • Adaptation of technology to other markets

Current development status

  • Working prototypes
  • Small pilot scale extraction

Technology Owner

Dr. Thomas Kallimopoulos

CEO at Extranthis UG

Related keywords

  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
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  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Ecology
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  • solvent
  • circular economy

About Extranthis UG

Small and Medium Enterprise from Germany

Elaboration of platform technologies for sustainable production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from biomass and using sustainable ressources, respectful to the environment and clima change.
Development of natural products as drugs against addiction and pain management.

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