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Cytisine - Smoking cessation agent

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Summary of the technology

- We provide supply of cGMP cytisine API in bulk, produced in FDA inspected installations in the USA, for use as smoking cessation agent.
- We develop a small molecule (natural product) for treatment of opioids use disorder and for pain management.

Extranthis UG
Extranthis UG

Description of the technology

We, at Coryn Pharmaceuticals LLC (US), we require investment for manufacturing first batch of 1-10kg of cGMP cytisine API. The investment will be recovered from the sales of the manufactured cytisine API.

Current development status

Finished technologies

Use of Proceeds

- Buying raw material Cytisine extract.

Use of Proceeds

Payment of the manufacturing development costs of the cytisine API in bulk.

Technology Owner

Dr. Thomas Kallimopoulos

CEO at Extranthis UG

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About Extranthis UG

Small and Medium Enterprise from Germany

Research and Development labs for the discovery and elaboration of platform technologies relating to zero-emission, cleantech extraction methods of pharmaceutical active ingredients from biomass.
Custom extractions of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and other ingredients from plant and marine raw materials.
Scaling-up of extraction methods for industrial use.

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