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Distributed interference cancellation based on outdated channel gain information

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Summary of the technology

New method aimed to enhance the overall throughput of communication systems by utilizing outdated channel gain information for distributed interference compression and removal. The technology targets a dynamic environment with several distributed transmitters and receivers sharing a common medium.

Instituto de Telecomunicações
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Description of the technology

Interference is the main limitation faced by today wireless technologies, mainly due to the network densification, user density and the exponential increase in wireless data traffic verified in the last years. The dynamic nature of wireless communications further exacerbates the interference problem as the transmission and reception entities are unable to adapt as fast as the radio environment dynamics; namely, when they adapt the channel/network state may be already different and then the adaptation is detrimental, instead of beneficial.

This technology proposes a method to efficiently compress and remove the interference generated by multiple receivers using only outdated channel information. Using this technology, the system throughput scales with the square root of the number of terminals (e.g., 500% throughput improvement in a scenario with 100 terminals).


The technology is applicable inscenarios with several pairs of transmitters and receivers communicating simultaneously and using the same resources:

Vehicular and machine-to-machine communications

Scenarios with high density of users

Distributed data storage

Physical layer security for wireless communications


Enhanced throughputand proportional to the square root of the number of transmitter/receiver pairs.

Distributed interference cancellationusing only outdated channel gain information.

Multiple transmitter/receiver pairscommunicating using the same time and frequency resources.

Development stage

TRL 3-4

Laboratorialtests have been performed,with very promising numerical results.

Commercial offering

Licensing agreement

Testing new applications

Joint further developments

Target Market

ITseeks partners within information and communication technologies area (ICTs) tofurther develop or license the technology, aswell aspossible end-users fortesting new applications.



-Instituto deTelecomunicações (IT)

-Universidade deAveiro

Intellectual Property

-USApatent granted (US10476620)

-European patent granted (EP17751468)

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Intellectual property status

Technology Owner

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Research Institute

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