Functional actives for animal nutrition and hygiene based on synergistic mixes of plants already authorized as nutrients and feed additives

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Summary of the technology

Alternatives to antibiotics made of edibles/feed additives with activities against multi-resistant bacteria, including many of high concern and/or interest in agriculture and aquaculture


Functional actives for animal nutrition and hygiene based on synergistic mixes of plants already authorized as nutrients and feed additives:

Water Extracts of Complex Mixes of Edible Plants (WECMEPs) with activity optimized using our Artificial Intelligence-based experimental discovery process as alternatives to antibiotics (see also

Key differentiation:

  • Minimal regulatory overhead, safety
  • Heat stable actives (our botanical extracts), tractable costs and sourcing, fully biodegradable
  • Typical feed additive concentration: 0.1% (based on in vitro data, to be confirmed by field studies)
  • Rapid discovery thanks to unique Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms and methodologies
  • Technology and concept enables direct to animal/field
  • Immediate mass production possible by Alphanosos (tons per month, upgradable in weeks)


  • Feed additives for livestock and aquaculture to modulate microbiotas, protect from infections
  • Anti-mastitis teat-dips
  • Protection of foods/feed,
  • Food compatible and fully biodegradable disinfection

Current development status

  • Working prototypes

Desired business relationship

  • Technology selling
  • Patent licensing
  • Joint ventures
  • Technology development
  • New technology applications
  • Adaptation of technology to other markets

Intellectual property status

Technology Owner


Small and Medium Enterprise

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About Alphanosos

Small and Medium Enterprise from France

Alphanosos is a privately held company incorporated in November 2014 in France. We are leveraging our disruptive, AI-based, proprietary discovery process to discover and patent active ingredients and products based on plants with a history of safe human consumption to replace, with superior efficacy and reduced risks of side effects, many of the chemical products used as therapeutic drugs in the human and animal health industries. We concentrate our discovery efforts on the selective killing of deleterious micro-organisms and cells. Our initial focus is on new antibiotics and anti-cancer products, with first products already in the post-discovery phase and a first patent application on anti-staphylococci products, for which we already obtained topical and systemic animal model results. Early revenue is already generated by licenses for cosmetic usage of certain of these products, to be soon followed with licenses for veterinary applications and later for human drugs.

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