Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)

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Summary of the technology

Now, we have with you the all chances to create a unique company for implementing worldwide of a new science-intensive technology with many applications (see below). I invite you to participate in realization of this ambitious project in any capacity.
Agree that far from often appears a new production company, when at the time of its creation becomes clear that it has all chances to become a world leader in its future activity. This is possible, obviously, only in the case that the basis for the activities of such a company will be the unique science-intensive know-how, the implementation package of which already exists. This is the case here for your consideration.
The author of this letter (further - the author) recently completed his years-long work on the information-software package of materials (ISPM) on implementing a new science-intensive network technology with many applications called "Information technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes (IT AC DTIP)", the founder of which he is. With the presentation of both the technology itself and the ISPM for its implementation, you can familiarize here: . More detailed information on this project you can learn from two English-Russian sites of the author:"Promotion Center of IT AC DTIP" ( and "Implementation Center of IT AC DTIP" (
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this ISPM includes 11 multilingual optimizing software tools in the ordinary and network performances that allow to provide international network outsourcing services on optimal controlling the discrete processes for many purposes. So, for practical implementation of this technology, there are not required at all the financial investments for working out necessary for this means, since the latter ones already exist.

Private person

Details of the Technology Offer

1. Purpose and essence of Technology

IT AC DTIPor just Technology is a new network science-intensive technology with many applications designed to solve problems of effective control of discrete processes for different purposes, which are usually called processes with clearly separated states. It allows to find optimal strategies of control of many discrete technological and information processes (DTIPs) that can be endless stationary, limited in time, and even instant processes of options selection.

The essence of Technology is that it is based on a uniform scientific methodology of numerical optimization of abstract stationary discrete service processes (DSP), to which reduce original real DTIPs. It has the practical advantage that is applicable to a very broad class of DTIPs occurring in many areas of human activity and allows to manage the complexity of synthesis of optimal control strategies for them.

All necessary information about Technology is available on the website “Promotion center of IT AC DTIP“, and the results of its practical implementation — on the website "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP“. Its founder — Burlakov Michael, D.Eng. (Kiev, Ukraine).

2. Prospects of Technology

There are listed below five main arguments in favor of the fact that Technology has a high practical value and great commercial prospect.

  1. Discrete technological and information processes are widespread in various areas of human activity. In real life they meet not more rarely than continuous processes for the control of which has long been successfully used the well-known technology of automation of technological processes control (it is practically implemented through the automated process control systems — APCS).
  2. There is a great need for practice in effective control of DTIPs, because each of them is characterized, as a rule, by limited resources used in processing of discrete process objects, as well as quantitative efficiency criterion of this processing.
  3. There is currently no other similar operative technology for discrete processes control, in this connection for them most often used in practice non-optimal (heuristic) control strategy, since the development of optimal (best) strategies usually requires too much time and cost.
  4. Technology is networking. This means that it allows to remotely solve tasks of effective control of specific DTIPs regardless of their location. Furthermore, the presence of universal software tools for optimizing DTIPs allows to provide network services through the Internet in their wide practical use. The introduction in practice of Technology will surely give impetus to the development of entirely new direction in commercial use of the Internet in finding to any interested network user the best solution in the area of his interests. It now allows to do this in relation to the control of a variety of discrete processes.
  5. Implementation of IT AC DTIP will undoubtedly lead to the creation on its base of a number of promising innovative technologies of specific applications in many fields of human activity, as we now have developed the key optimizing software tools for several such technologies, and offered detailed concept of the last.

3. Areas of Technology use

Below are listed alphabetically possible application areas of the Technology. Asterisks here mark those of them, for which has already created the software tools for optimizing DTIPs of specified applications. To work with them is designed the website "Implementation center of IT AC DTIP" oriented at the corresponding categories of users.

  1. * budgeting based on program-target planning;
  2. * customer service in catering (particularly, in restaurants);
  3. * delivery of a passenger by public transport to his destination;
  4. * expenditure of money to various goods and services;
  5. impatient customers service;
  6. * investment of money in different sources of income;
  7. loading and unloading operations;
  8. maintenance of calls by emergency city services;
  9. * maintenance of geographically distributed objects;
  10. * network planning in project management;
  11. * planning of business operations in production and business;
  12. processing of workpiece on machines with changeover;
  13. * purchase of housing;
  14. reconstruction of existing facilities;
  15. repair of process equipment;
  16. storage and processing of perishable products;
  17. * trade in real estate;
  18. * trade online;
  19. transmission of digital messages in communication networks;
  20. * transportation.

4. Ways to promote Technology

The main and most promising way of Technology promotion is the creation of a specialized production company for implementation of it (PCIT). It is proposed that this company consisted of the Center of toolkit development (CTD) and of the network of Centers of control automation (CCAs) for implementation directions (see section “General info about Technology > Presentation of Technology" of the website “Promotion center of IT AC DTIP".

The aim of the operation of a separate CCA is the development and implementation of highly efficient control strategies for DTIPs in a particular application area. Such strategies are proposed to provide consumers in two ways:

  1. through mass network services on the basis of universal software tools for optimizing the control of narrow classes of widespread DTIPs of different purposes;
  2. through individual software products for optimizing the control of specific processes that will be developed for a specific customer.

This approach will allow in the shortest possible time to master the market of all those tasks for effective control of DTIPs of various purposes, for which Technology is intended.

5. What has been done for Technology

  1. There has been developed a uniform scientific methodology of Technology.
  2. There has been elaborated one application direction of Technology relating to the effectiveness of the standard investments [Бурлаков М.В. Как достичь эффективности инвестиций (How to achieve the efficiency of investments). — Москва: Экономика, 2010].
  3. There has been published a monograph on the basics of Technology [Бурлаков М.В. Основы технологии автоматизации управления дискретными технологическими и информационными процессами (Basics of technology of automation of control of discrete technological and information processes). — Киев: Університет "Україна", 2010].
  4. There has been prepared a training course on the basics of Technology, which was read twice in the regional Gorlovka Institute of the Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" in the academic years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
  5. There have been created nine multilingual network instrumental systems (MNISs) for optimizing DTIPs of various purposes, ready for mass use: MLIS/MNIS MBO 1.0, ... GAO 2.2, ... IO 2.2, ... EO 1.3, ... HIO 1.2, ... RIO 1.0, ... NPO 1.0, ... TO 1.6 and ... PTPDO 1.2. They allow to provide the international outsourcing services to solve the tasks to optimize controlling discrete processes in the following application areas: 1) budgeting of the Ministry; 2) network planning; 3) standard investments;
    4) expenses; 5) investment in housing; 6) investment in real estate; 7) online shopping; 8) transportation; 9) delivery of a passenger by public transport.
  6. There has been created the Universal Processing Center of nine above-mentioned MNISs (UPC 9 MNIS 1.0) with the interface in English and Russian languages, which is designed for centralized solution by any users in any languages via Internet or on a local network of the tasks on optimizing control of discrete processes for various purposes.
  7. There have been developed two multilingual programs for optimizing remote and ordinary orders of customers in a restaurant: MP OROR 1.1 and ... OOR 1.2.
  8. On the basis of the being considered Technology there have been offered the concepts of creating four specific innovative technologies used in the following application areas: 1) online trade, 2) trade in real estate, 3) restaurant business and 4) project management (the first two of them are perfect), and has been developed the key software tools for this technologies.
  9. There has been created and published the website “Promotion center of IT AC DTIP", containing all necessary information about Technology and developed on its basis 11 multilingual software tools for optimizing DTIPs.
  10. There has been created and published the website “Implementation center of IT AC DTIP" which focuses on the practical implementation of Technology. It dedicates to 18 categories of persons directly related to discrete processes of various purposes and interested in effective control of them. For 16 of these categories already exists optimizing software tools available for free use in the test mode on this and previous websites.

6. Strategic plan for implementation of Technology

It is proposed to implement one of the following two alternative options for introducing Technology:

  • sale of the whole informational-software package of materials on the introduction of IT AC DTIP, presented in this presentation, to a some well-known manufacturing company in the field of information technologies, which wishes to implement this technology all over the world and thereby become the world leader in the sphere of controlling discrete processes for various purposes. For this, the search for such companies will be carried out in the near future;
  • establishment together with the Technology founder of a new specialized production company for implementation to life this technology. To do this, the search for its potential cofounders will be made in the near future.


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About Private person

The company is absent. I am a private person Burlakov Michael Victorovich (Kiev, Ukraine), Doctor of Engineering, leading specialist in the field of numerical optimization of discrete processes, the founder of the proposed technology (IT AC DTIP).

Michael Burlakov

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