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Project: Innovative pilot production modified compounds by PE125 standard for multifunctional applications.

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Summary of the technology

Producing PE125 using GRAFTALEN™ MP-UHHD. Consumer properties, which should be taken into consideration:

1) The unique toughness of the material (the highest rate of all known polymers), namely, Over 160 kJ/m2
2) High abrasion resistance
3) Low friction coefficient (self-lubricating)
4) High resistance to chemically aggressive reagents (media)
5) High creep resistance (geometric stability)

Ordinary way - This type of process is quite expensive. Production of PE125, in compounding with bimodal PE100, from 8 to 45% of supermolecular polyethylene is injected, reaching dispersion by multiple compounding (4 stages) in an extruder cascade (XXXXX technology).

GRAFTALEN™ MP-UHHD (alloy) is a MELT-PROCESSABLE concentrate of UHMWPE on an HDPE matrix. As HDPE, you can choose the most affordable HDPE (pipe) grade.

To obtain polyethylene according to the standards PE125 (with a minimum strength indicator MRS> 13.8-14 MPa, in comparison PE100 has MRS only 10 MPa), a significant improvement in the resistance against hydrostatic pressure is required.

For a conventional bimodal HDPE, this indicator is difficult to achieve, since it directly correlates with the impact strength/density indicators and with simple extrapolation, it turns out that the required indicator for PE125 simply does not reach the bimodal HDPE matrix.

Another problem - the difficulty in maintaining the geometric stability of the pipe (the thickness at the top of the pipe is often less than at the bottom) due to the sagging effect (the phenomenon of the gravitational flow of a polymer melt). This phenomenon is more pronounced for thick-walled pipes.
The specific blend of HDPE with UHMWPE allows solving these problems above.

Graft Polymer UK Ltd
Graft Polymer UK Ltd
Graft Polymer UK Ltd
Graft Polymer UK Ltd
Graft Polymer UK Ltd

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About Graft Polymer UK Ltd

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TURN-KEY POLYMER SOLUTION for Clients is the essence of Graft Polymer Business model.
Algorithm is very simple:
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Our motto “COMBINE INCOMPATIBLE” clearly defines our business essence, namely to create polymer modifiers to combine immiscible and incompatible components of polymer alloys to achieve high mechanical characteristics, good impact and chemical resistance, fire retardant properties, cost-effectiveness

Given past excellent field results, we have founded Graft Polymer’s Manufacturing & Research Plant, utilized our own IP’s in order to create world best polymer modification technologies that allow the development of a full spectrum of modifiers & alloys with unique features.

We are engaged in the research & development of innovative goods, and methods of production by following our main goals which allow an innovative approach for products at competitive prices.

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