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Summary of the technology

We help you to improve your enzyme performance towards a number of features (activity, pH stability, selectivity, etc) in record time and cost effective manner thanks to our computer simulations; selected candidates (ca.90, instead of thousands) are further tested in the lab.

Details of the Technology Offer

ZYMEVOLVER software replaces expensive, time-consuming laboratory enzyme evolution with quick, thorough, accurate simulations. Enzyme discovery and evolution take place in silico, so only a small selection requires lab testing. We use a multiscale protocol that combines bioinformatics, molecular modeling and quantum computing to custom design your enzyme in less than 1 month.

We can improve existing enzyme performance (activity, pH stability, temperature, selectivity…) to meet your exact specification needs.

This service can also be requested within an all-in-one pack called ZymQuest, that is a hybrid service offering both BIOMATCHMAKER and ZYMEVOLVER, and also includes the enzyme experimental testing by our experimental partners.

Learn more about the technology behind: https://zymvol.com/enzyme-technology/#zymevolver

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About Zymvol Biomodeling S.L

Zymvol is a biotech company in the Green Chemistry sector, pioneers specialized in design, development and application of molecular modeling software to accelerate enzyme discovery and optimization. The company's vision is to catalyze the replacement of unsustainable chemical processes, which often use expensive and contaminating metal catalysts by clean and sustainable biocatalysts.

Biocatalysts are used in manufacturing processes where they reduce energy consumption and resources but also cut costs. They also have impactful applications in recycling processes, recovery of raw materials and water bioremediation

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