Carbosilane dendrimers and their use as antivirals

Summary of the technology

The research group in "Dendrimers for Biomedical Applications" of the University of Alcalá presents these highly branched macromolecules synthesized from a polyfunctional nucleus, of carbosilane structure and functionalized in its periphery with anionic groups that give the macromolecule a negative net charge. In addition, the invention relates to the use of the dendrimers as an antimicrobial and the process for obtaining them.

The group seeks to reach collaboration agreements, licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance, with companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedicine sectors in general.

Details of the Technology Offer

Dendrimers are hyperbranched molecules of arborescent construction, of well-defined three-dimensional size and structure and possessing uniform chemical properties due in part to their low polydispersity. The nature and properties of the dendrimers can be controlled by acting on the growth core of the dendrimer, on the growth units or branches or on the periphery of the dendrimer which is capable of incorporating a very large variety of functional groups.

This family of dendrimers of a carbosilane nature described can be prepared following a divergent synthesis method (growth from the inside out), from a polyvalent core, preferably of tetraalyl silicon and subsequent functionalization of the surface with different functional groups, preferably anionic.

The dendrimers of the invention can have application in different fields of biomedicine, as therapeutic, antiviral, antibacterial or antiprionic agents. In addition to their microbicidal activity, they also have anti-inflammatory activity, making them improve their prophylactic properties since the probability of infection against HIV increases significantly in the presence of inflammatory processes.

The ability of dendrimers to interfere with the virus-cell interaction suggests that they could act as topical microbicides, that is, compounds applied to the vaginal or rectal mucous to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, another aspect of the present invention relates to dendrimers as a medicine per se. This medicine being preferably for the prevention and / or treatment of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. And more preferably when the disease is caused by strains of HIV.

As antiviral, the dendrimer of the invention, of nanoscopic size, prevents the correct process of adhesion to the target cell, as well as the infection of this and its corresponding production of new viral particles.

It is also possible to use the dendrimers of the invention as vehicles for transporting molecules, preferably molecules with pharmacological activity (active principles), and more preferably molecules with positive charge.

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The research group seeks companies in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector to sign cooperation agreements, commercial agreements, licensing or pharmaceutical manufacturing of the compounds.

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