Multi-component particle generation reactor and method capable of creating a wide variety of inorganic and organic material combinations

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Summary of the technology

A method to combine two or more desirable components into individual particles with control of relative amounts of each component and particle size with the freedom to use solid, liquid or gas sources has been invented. Any particle chemistry can be realized.

While the patent title uses only the description "multi-metal particle generator" the patented technology is capable of generating virtually any possible multi-component particle. The original purpose was to create metallic alloy particles with a high degree of control over the amounts of each metal constituent. By regulating the plasma intensity and the "participation" or consumption of two or more electrodes, the percentage of each metal in a particle can be controlled. With the further novelty of flow channels through the electrodes, any desired particle constituent, inorganic or organic, which is not stable or is undesirable in solid form or has a more easily reacted gas or liquid compound form may be controllably introduced to the particle formation reaction. By way of example, materials which are currently created as thin films could be created in particle form by introducing the substrate material or beginning with a substrate material particle and introducing the thin film constituents in a step wise fashion or simultaneously. Any particle chemistry which is physically possible could be realized by this patented method and apparatus.

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