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New Glaze Formula For Ceramic And Tile Industries Without Using Of Zirconium (50% saving)

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Summary of the technology

You just save your money up to 50% because we can provide you special glaze formula for each ceramic company individually.
we will be received your sampling of your raw material and then you will get our saved formula.

Nu innovations Inc
Nu innovations Inc
Nu innovations Inc
Nu innovations Inc

Description of the technology

As you are aware, the silicate zirconium is the most expensive component in the glaze compound for ceramic and tile companies, so we have found a new formula which the Zirconium is deleted and also we could save amount of the rest material for the processing too.

Also in our formula, the length of common formula is shorted, it means that’ the number of components is limited or deleted so we have found next saving again.

Any way, we absolutely did not add any additional components or new materials into new formula and the original concerned raw materials were used without changing of the product quality.

By using of new formula, you are not only save lot of money but also you find last quality and properties same as before.

Technology Owner

Nu innovations Inc

Research & Technology Organization

Behrouz Rahimi (NU)

Inventor-problem solver-new product-solution-economic developer at Nu innovations Inc

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