FRIDS - Moisture–regulating indoor insulation system to improve energy efficiency of old buildings

Summary of the technology

Old buildings present a special challenge since it is often only possible to insulate them from the inside (e.g. at classified historical monuments). Furthermore, old buildings frequently suffer from damp and condensation problems. FRIDS is an indoor insulation system that guarantees heat insulation and moist removal sustainable solution for ground-contact wall fragments, fire walls, reveals, etc. and offers a permanent solution to this problems.

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FRIDS (FeuchteRegulierendesInnenDämmSystem, moisture-regulating indoor insulation system)

The indoor insulation system FRIDS (see attached picture) consists of:

  1. condensate converter
  2. foam/cellular glass boards
  3. wall heating system (optional)

The proven - capillary driven - “condensate converter” promotes rapid evaporation of wall moisture or condensate to the environment. Dual purpose, rear-ventilated foam/cellular glass boards provide heat insulation and transport channels for evaporated water. The design of the wall surface is individually selectable. An optional wall heating system can be integrated into the insulation system if required. The condensate converter is a “diffusion-open” plaster which is applied wet; it has a high proportion of closed and capillary pores. This plaster has been widely and successfully applied to remove moisture from damp and wet masonry, for more than a decade. Besides its good insulation properties (λ≈0,038 W/mK), the usage of glass foam boards (building material class A1) offers further advantages such as fire resistance, ageing stability, compressive strength, moisture resistance and easy workability.


  • Indoor insulation system that guarantees heat insulation and moist removal à sustainable solution for ground-contact wall fragments, fire walls, reveals, etc.   
  • Cost-effective solution compared to other complex renovation systems
  • Wall heating system can be integrated
  • Other insulation than glass foam boards possible

Current development status

Finished technologies


FRIDS can be used basically in every location where moist masonry makes the use of rooms difficult or impossible (due to formation of unhealthy mold). Especially for the renovation of moist, salt containing walls with an indoor insulation (mostly in protected historical buildings).

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  • Thermal Insulation Technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Construction and Building Products
  • renovation
  • indoor insulation

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