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Process to obtain dimers, trimers and up to polymers from pyridinemethanol derivatives compounds

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Summary of the technology

The dimerization or polymerization reaction of pyridinic alcohols is carried out in order to produce novel products. The process is carried out in the absence or presence of some solvent, during the process of the current invention, temperature may be or may be not used as catalyst, in the process of the current invention the reaction may be or may not be catalyzed by the presence of a catalyst (acid or base), the resultant products can be produced and separated in an easy way, in the process of the current invention starting from pyridinic alcohols the resultant ethenediols can be produced by a single step reaction. The pyridinemethanol derivatives used as starting compounds, do not oxidize as easily and their handling is easier than that of other compounds. The products produced with etheneidol parts can be used as antioxidants due to their capacity to act as free radicals scavengers.

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