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Double port injector to corneal transplant DMEK

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Summary of the technology

The Reseacrh group in Cell biology of solid tumors and tisular regeneration from Alcala University and the Research group in Cellular Engineering from University from Hospital La Paz, have developed a new injector designed to reduce endotellial damage during the corneal endothelial graft implantation in eye´s anterior chamber.

The group is looking for cooperation or commercial agreement with companies manufacturers of sanitary products and medical devices, ophthalmological clinics and hospitals.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Description of the technology

The Group presents a Corneal Endothelium Inyector with two asymmetric and separate entrances ways. The entrance with a wider lumen is used to graft insertion without friction. The entrance with thinner lumen, located in the injector´s tip, has been designed for the controled exit of the endotellium through a minimal incision.

This double port design allows to reduce the compression that affects the graft when it goes in through the port, unlike what it happens with injectors with one entrance, where the graft has to be compress to pass through the same track that uses to go out, increasing the friction.

The use of a closed system allows to vacuum the graft without touching it, besides with this invention it is unnecessary the use of viscoelastic agents that could interfere with the adhesion of the graft inside the eye.

All the process takes place continuously, there's no need to disable the injector from the aspiration/suction system, like happens with other injectors now in the market.

The injector is made in crystal to prevent adhesions and reduce the graft friction with the walls.

In conclusion, this new design try to diminish the endothelial damage during corneal endothelial graft implantation in eye´s anterior chamber.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number : P201131222

Internacional protection application PCT/ES2012/070543

Current development status

Developed, available for demonstration

Desired business relationship

Patent licensing

Technical cooperation

Technology Owner

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

Research & Technology Organization

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Some of the services offered by this office are specified in the following list:

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