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Wind flow Interface concentrator for VAWT

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Summary of the technology

The researchers of the University have developed a wind flow concentrator incorporated into a Vertical Axe Wind (VAWT), which allows a significant increase in wind speed before being injected to the turbine. The system allows the optimization of the currents with independence of its direction and it is applicable to any type of VAWT. It is suitable for any type of building.


Description of the technology

Renewable energies bring all those energetic sources with high rate of renewability together. The R&D projects included in this area have acquired special prominence in the last decade. According to information published by the Frankfurt School UNEP Collaborating Centre, in 2004-2016 period, the investment for projects related to renewable energy has been multiplied by more than 6 times, reaching 286 $BN. Moreover, to this data it must be added the high diversification in contrast to the small number of fossil energy producers.

EOLIA is the first hybrid microgeneration system which is installable in any architectural volumes. In a single system, it is used wind and solar energy for the generation of electricity, in addition to rainwater harvesting for future usage.

Wind breezes on the terrestrial surface are characterized by their intermittence, reduced speed and absence of predominant direction. EOLIA is able to replace the low energetic density of breezes through their capture and concentration. It allows to reach a significant speed increase before being injected efficiently into the turbine.

The interface is characterized by an architecture capable of sectorize the wind input in different sections, injecting the wind flow strategically. Its architecture is adapted to the nature of breezes, obtaining their capture regardless of their direction.
EOLIA increases the number of operating hours and the range of performance in comparison to small traditional wind turbines . It is translated in an exponential increase of the electrical output.

In addition, the interface incorporates own regulatory mechanisms acting in presence of winds of importance in order to regulate the inflow, keeping a sustained circulation. In case of strong winds, mechanisms for the maximum protection of the set are included.

The system configuration is ready for the installation of solar capturing systems. This added value allows to model a hybrid system capable of meeting much of the electricity demanded by the building.



Current development status

Laboratory prototypes


The possibility of being built in architectural volumes promotes carrying out designs which seek autonomy in energetic terms. EOLIA can be integrated in all types of architectural volumes, from housing, industrial buildings, logistic centres, mountain lodges, schools to roofs of petrol stations, water tanks, control towers, tolls, etc. Also, it must be added urban equipment as the case of street lights, water tank height, pergolas, etc. Any structure is open to EOLIA installation as long as it is located in open spaces.

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Patent already applied for

Patent application number : P201630128

Where : Spain

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

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Universidad de Alicante

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