DriveSafe: App that monitors and scores your driving, generating alerts when it is not safe.

Summary of the technology

The RobeSafe group of the Department of Electronics of the University of Alcalá has developed the application DriveSafe that monitors and evaluates the driving profiles of the drivers generating alerts in real time when they are considered to be unsafe.

Placing the mobile device on the vehicle's windshield, the application uses the smartphone's sensors (accelerometers, GPS, rear camera) to get a complete assessment of the driving and create a driver profile that can be checked either on real time during the trip, or reviewed in detail once the route is over. The system requires only a slight calibration.

The application has a dual functionality. On the one hand, it provides real-time Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) services, improving the safety of drivers in all types of vehicles (mainly low-end), which otherwise would only be available in premium vehicles high-end. On the other hand, it generates a history of the driver behavior that may be useful to the driver himself or to insurance, logistics or other companies in order to mitigate potential risks and reduce operational costs.
The group is looking for companies from the Transport, Insurance or Apps sector to sign technical collaboration agreements, commercial agreements with technical assistance and license agreements.

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Details of the Technology Offer

DriveSafe evaluates the driver behavior and generates real-time alerts based on seven indicators: accelerations, braking, steering wheel turns, position within the lane, how the driver makes the lane changes, driver behavior respecting the allowed speed in the different sections of a road and the approach maneuvers to the previous vehicle. It also classifies each trip among the following driving styles: normal, drowsy and aggressive. To do this the application uses the sensors of the mobile phone itself (accelerometers, GPS, rear camera), as well as access to map services (OpenStreetMap) through Internet.

It uses an augmented reality interface that allows to improve the driving experience through a feedback, provided by the App, of how it is being done. This feature can be deactivated to avoid distractions, switching to a mode in which only the real-time user behavior ratios are displayed. The information obtained is always available for the driver to consult after the trip, including maps with location information and risk maneuvers. All this along with videos recorded automatically in the moments in which the driving has been more dangerous.

DriveSafe also generates a series of alerts during driving (sounds and visual information on screen) typical of advanced driving assistance systems services available in premium vehicles: accelerations, brakes and sudden turns, irregular lane changes, zig- zag within the lane, overrun of the permitted speed and dangerous approach to the previous vehicle.

Current development status

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