Ultra low power MODBUS Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensor

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Summary of the technology

• High accuracy meeting WMO standards
• Fast response (short time constant)
• Negligible self heating
• Ultra-low power consumption
• Digital RS485 MODBUS RTU & ASCII output
• Highest lightning protection with Class A result for surge, EFT/burst, ESD per EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5
• Flexible 5 to 18VDC input

Barani Design

Details of the Technology Offer

Combined temperature and humidity probe with integrated barometric pressure sensor that meets WMO measurement standards for accuracy in temperature, humidity and dew point (also frost point for road maintenance applications). It achieves an ultra low power consumption of only 310 μA (micro-amperes) which is best in class for a digital temperature probe and makes self-heating so negligible, that high accuracy can be achieved even in zero wind conditions.

The high robustness of RS-485 MODBUS output and strong lightning protection (Class 5A result = no data loss) make this all-in-one sensor an ideal choice for high reliability applications.

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Manufacturer of professional meteorological equipment and sensors. Specializes in development of innovative meteorological sensors and solutions.

Barani Design

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