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Helical solar radiation shield for temperature sensor

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Summary of the technology

Helical shape provides natural aspiration of warmer air flow. Creates a vortex flow (similar to a mini tornado) which effectively ventilates the inside without a fan. Advanced aerodynamic design techniques from the aerospace industry enable this compact shield to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Barani Design

Description of the technology

High ventilation rate equivalent to open radiation shields
0.06°C average deviation against the Stevenson screen shelter
Very low heat rise due to vortex flow
Fast response
Highly accurate temperature and humidity measurement
Best in class performance in high solar radiation environments & low wind conditions

We are looking for OEM partnerships to supply innovative meteorological sensors and weather stations.

Intellectual property status: Patent already applied for: multiple countries, USA, Europe, Asia, Woldwide

Technology Owner

Barani Design

Small and Medium Enterprise

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About Barani Design

Small and Medium Enterprise from Slovakia

Manufacturer of professional meteorological equipment and sensors. Specializes in development of innovative meteorological sensors and solutions.

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