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High Throughput Screening (HTS) of Novel Bioactive Compounds

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Summary of the technology

Adaptation and implementation of bioassays to HTS robotic system, activity screening of requested bioassays and novel compounds, isolation and structure determination and elucidation of small to medium size molecules and of selected active natural products from crude extracts.
Project ID : 12-2011-224

Description of the technology

The primary objective of the HTS Center is to act as a core unit focused on coordinating the multidisciplinary search for novel compounds with potential biological and pharmacological properties.

The Center offers a highly versatile fully automated robotic system suitable for providing high throughput screening capabilities.

Offered Services include:
1. Adaptation and implementation of bioassay on the HTS robotic system.
This includes:
a. A multi-tip pipetting station. The pipetation can be used for a variety of life science and chemical applications, using microplates formats of 6 to 384 wells, with high accuracy.
b. Three incubators, each able to be individually heated.
c. Washer for 96 wells plates.
d. Spectrophotometer with three detection types: Absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence.
e. Two robotic arms, which can transport the plates between the different stations of the system.
2. HTS Screening assays.
3. Isolation and structure elucidation of selected active natural products from crude extracts.


Prof. Micha Ilan, Ph.D.
National center for high throughput screening

Room #: 221, Sherman Building
Phone: (Office) +972-3-640-8613
(Fax) +972-3-640-7274
E-mail: Milan@post.tau.ac.il


Prof. Yoel Kashman
Tel: +972-(0)3-640-8419
Fax: +972-(0)3-640-9293
Email: kashman@post.tau.ac.il

Lab Webpage:

Project manager

avi Wener
Research services

Project researchers

Micha Ilan
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Life Sciences

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