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Genome High-throughput Sequencing

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Summary of the technology

Focusing on microRNA molecules and oncogenes ;
Research services include deep-sequencing, sample protocols, and genome high-throughput sequencing

Project ID : 12-2011-209

Description of the technology

Noam Shomron, PhD
Head, MicroRNA Research Laboratory
Head, Tel Aviv University Genome High-Throughput Sequencing Laboratory
Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Room 301
Tel Aviv University, Israel, 69978
Tel-office: +972-3-640-6594
Tel-lab: +972-3-640-7387
Fax: +972-3-640-7432

My goal is to study the control and function of microRNA molecules. MicroRNAs were recently discovered as regulators of a large proportion of our genes. Even though extensive research is carried out on microRNA little is known about their mode of regulation and involvement in human disease.

I plan to elucidate the role and mechanisms by which miRNA execute their control on genes in the process of disease progression and healing.
In one of my recent studies I have discovered the specific microRNA and its role as a central controller of eight oncogenes – the precise genes that lead to cancer development. This discovery in the field of cancer treatment will lead to a potential revolutionary drug development. Pharmaceutical industries show great interest in implementing and applying microRNA knowledge in their products as the next generation of drugs. In other study we focus on psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia and major depression.

My research paved the road to microRNA research by supplying the scientific community with the largest single catalogue of microRNAs currently known. It will be a great contribution to humanity by serving as an infrastructure and a model for treating a large scope of detrimental genetic diseases.

Industrial Research Services:

• Sample Processing of RNA/DNA, using all current Illumina protocols.
• These include: DNA-seq, RNA-seq, small RNA, Chip-seq and de-novo assembly. The processing of samples usually begins with library generation, followed by cluster generation (single or paired end) and then the sequencing run itself (lengths are at multiplies of 36). The data generated is then analyzed for sequence reads.
• Genome High-Throughput Sequencing , based on the Illumina (Solexa) Genome Analyzer IIx sequencing machine.


Project manager

avi Wener
Research services

Project researchers

Karen B. Avraham
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Medicine-Sackler Faculty
Human Molecular Genetics

Noam Shomron
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Medicine-Sackler Faculty
Cell and Developmental Biology

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