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High Current Superconducting leads

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Summary of the technology

A buffer layer of Yttrium stabilized Zirconia is introduced which allows the growth of high fidelity thick (> 1 micron) layers of superconducting YBCO on sapphire substrates. The high buffer quality is achieved by sputtering the material from a YSZ target unto the sapphire substrate held at a temperature higher than the growth temperature of the HTS films to be deposited subsequently, above 900C. From these thick layers, superconducting leads are prepared which are suitable for use in supercooled magnets such as in MRI machines and Maglev generators.
Project ID : 11-2011-243

Description of the technology

The Invention

Superconducting current leads grown on sapphire substrates working at cryogenic temperatures with superior properties of low thermal conductivity, low cost and high current carrying capability.


Superconducting coils are the common way to achieve strong magnetic fields that are necessary in equipment such as in MRI machines. All superconducting magnets commercially available today, operate at cryogenic temperatures and with high currents. High current leads are needed to inject the current into the cooled device and are an integral part of any superconducting device operating at liquid helium temperatures. These leads should have low thermal conductivity so that they do not conduct heat into the cryogenic volume. 


We have developed high temperature superconducting (HTS) current leads in which the superconductor is deposited on a ceramic Sapphire substrate with a thin Yttrium-stabilized Zirconia(YSZ) buffer layer in between. Our current leads are superior to currently available solutions both in terms of heat conductance, which is 1-2 orders of magnitudes lower, and cost due to a simple fabrication process. Therefore they have the potential to replace currently available current leads and to substantially reduce the costs of cryogenic equipment necessary for these superconducting devices.

Stage of development

HTS Prototype current leads have been built and tested giving 200A per cm width at 77K.

Patent Status

Two international patents pending.

Project manager

Oren Calfon
VP Business Development, ICT

Project researchers

Guy Deutscher
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Exact Sciences
School of Physics and Astronomy

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