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Behavioral Animal Models

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Summary of the technology

Behavioral test services including pain, cognition, memory and motility in schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, and Carageenan-induced inflammation and pain. Ex vivo brain tissue services include brain tissue dissection and analysis, and protein analysis.

Project ID : 12-2011-201

Description of the technology

Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry & Behavioral research- Felsenstein Institute

Main Research Topics

Cognition, Memory, Social behavior, Motility.

Disease: Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Neuropathy pain and Depression
Drug Development: Schizophrenia, Depression, Cognition, Pain


Lab facilities
The lab is well equipped with the required instruments for molecular and cellular research. At the institute, we have a modern animal room and a specific lab for animal behavior research, including a Noldus digital system.
The lab is lead by experienced, skillful and professional personnel:

• Dr Irit Gil-Ad PhD having expertise in psychopharmacology

•Dr Michal Taller PhD, an expert in molecular biology and proteomic research

Available Research Services
In vivo - Behavioral tests (main);

• Open Field – testing Depression, Anxiety, Motility
• Elevated plus maze – testing Anxiety
• Forced Swim Test – testing Depression
• Chronic mild stress – testing Depression
• Morris water maze - testing Cognition and Memory
• MK801 or PCP –induced hyper activity - testing Schizophrenia
• Hot plate – testing Pain
• Carageenan induced inflammation - testing pain and inflammation

Ex Vivo Brain Research
• Brain tissues are dissected and analyzed for specific protein using western blot or PCR methods

• Proteins routinely analyzed; BDNF, TRKb, Bcl2, ERK, Jun, IGF-1 and others

Contact Information

Campus Rabin Medical Center

Petah-Tikva 49100
Tel: 03-9376275 Fax: 03-9376134

The lab of Biological psychiatry is located at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center

in the vicinity of the Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson) Campus, Petah-Tikva.

Institute and Lab Director - Prof. Abraham Weizman, MD

Head of Research Team: Dr Irit Gil-Ad, PhD |iritgil@post.tau.ac.il
Students Instructor: Dr Michal Taler, PhD|


Project manager

avi Wener
Research services

Project researchers

Irit Gil-Ad
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Medicine-Sackler Faculty
Felsenstein Medical Res Center-Beilinson

Unknown Researcher

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