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Clean Rooms, Micro- and Nano-fabrication, and Characterization Facility

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Summary of the technology

Access to Class 100 and 1000 clean rooms and a wide range of micro- and nano-fabrication and
characterization equipment, with training, consultation, and development of suitable protocols.
Project ID : 12-2011-194

RAMOT at Tel Aviv University Ltd.

Description of the technology

Center Manager: Zvi Kopolovich

MNCF is a central facility for micro and nano fabrication and characterization, located at the campus of Tel-Aviv University.

The center provides R&D and prototyping services to approximately 50 research groups on campus, as well as over 30 industrial companies.

Advanced and sophisticated equipment:

  • Assisting users in: MEMS, NEMS, Bio-chips, Electro-optics, and more
  • NIL (nano imprint lithography) – the only machine in Israel
  • FIB – highly advanced technology
  • Laser micromachining – coming soon, the first in Israel and one of the few systems in the world
  • Lithography mask design and fabrication
  • Various thin film deposition methods, e-beam and optical lithography, wet and dry etching, backend processing,and various characterization methods available
  • Users can work independently, with assistance, or through our staff.
  • Brainstorming with the customer and a team of experts can help you develop your project from scratch

All this is the tip of the technological iceberg. We will be happy to provide more information.


  • To provide Tel Aviv University users with access to state of the art micro- and nanofabrication and characterization equipment.
  • To consult and help users develop suitable process protocols.
  • To train users to operate equipment and wet chemical stations.
  • To provide services to external academic users as well as industry.
  • An experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers can assist in R&D project with full concept: from mask design to chip dicing and bonding

List of Equipment:

Electron microscopes
Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM – FEI Quanta 200 FEG)
Field Emission High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope
(HRSEM - Jeol JSM-6700)
Particle Beam Lithography
E-beam lithography (Raith 150)
SEM with e-beam writing attachment (Jeol 6400 + Elphy)
Focused Ion Beam (Raith ionLine)
AFM (Molecular Imaging PicoSPM II)
Variable Temperature Ultra-High Vacuum STM/AFM System
AFM in a glove box (NT-MDT SMENA-A)
JPK Biological AFM coupled with Raman Spectroscopy
Optical microscopy
Metallurgical confocal microscope (Olympus LEXT)
Measurement microscope (Hisomet II)
Inspection Microscopes (Olympus MX-40, MX-50)
Photolithography and nanoimprint lithography
Contact lithography (Suss MA6, MJB3)
Direct laser writing & photomask preparation (Heidelberg
Instruments Fast Scan DWL-66fs)
Nanoimprint Lithography (S.E.T. FC-150)
Thin film deposition and etching
E-beam deposition (VST, Edwards 306)
Thermal evaporation (VST)
RF sputtering (MRC)
DC sputtering (Penta Vacuum)
RIE etching (Nextral 860 HDP RIE, Oerlikon 790 RIE)
DRIE etching (Plasma Therm 770 ICP DRIE)
Wet etching
Wet and dry substrate cleaning
Ion Beam Sputtering
PECVD (Oerlikon)
Profile/Step height (Tencor, Veeco)
Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (Woollam M2000DUV)
Spectroscopic Reflectometer (Sentech FTP)
Film Stress and 3D surface profiling (KLA P16+)
Thermal Treatment
RTP (Jipelec Jetfirst 100)
Dicing (Disco DAD 3350)
Wire Bonding (K&S)
Precision Diamond Scriber (ATV)
Tousimis Critical Point Dryer

Valery Garber

Phone: 03-640513

Zvi Kopolovich
Email: zvik@tauex.tau.ac.il

Phone: 03-6405619

Lab web page:http://www.tau.ac.il/~mncf/C/

The facilities are located in two locations:

Project manager

avi Wener
Research services

Project researchers

Yael Hanein
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering

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