Food-grade collagen obtaining through natural degreasing using supercritical fluids

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Summary of the technology

Food-use collagen obtaining through pigskin degreasing using compressed carbon dioxide (yields above 90%). The method does not alter the nature of the protein contained in the skin and uses a safe solvent (CO2) in order to obtain a suitable feedstock.


New and innovative aspects

The nature of the protein in skin is not altered by using extraction solvent (CO2).

Met yields above 90% (in other inventions the yield can not reach values higher than 60%).

Diversification of the raw material from which the collagen is obtained for food use (usually cowhide).

Main advantages of its use

Revaluation of a product (pig skin) of little value in the meat industry.

Increased yields in the production of collagen free of acid wastes, making it usable for food use.

Getting purer product without residual fat difficult to treat.

Generating new byproducts of easy commercialization.


In this treatment, mechanical procedures are used in order to remove the fat from the pig skin (hypodermis and dermis). Both the dermis and the hypodermis, that is not mechanically removed, are subjected to an extraction with carbon dioxide under supercritical conditions, in which rapid decompression extractor are made. This rapid decompression is followed by and compression and circulation of solvent to extract the fat which has become accessible. With successive compressions and decompressions the amount of fat and water from the pigskin is minimized, up to 1% of fat on a dry basis, therefore admissible for the processing of the skin and its transformation into collagen for food use.


It is aimed at companies in the meat sector, which currently are managing pig skins as waste, as low-value food product, or shed fat by conventional solvents for subsequent use of the collagen. In such conventional systems the fat content generated in the collagen is very high which makes difficult to manage / removal and thus has a significant cost. The use of alternative fat removal techniques allows companies to increase yields in the subsequent generation collagen without further fat wastes in a very significant way.

Cosmetic is other application sector. These products (collagen) application in cosmetics would involve a higher value of the product due the green properties, favouring its introduction in the market. The market would benefit from higher yields, with a purer product, fat-free hard waste management or treatment, at competitive costs.

Intellectual property status

Patent P200400390.

Current development status

Samples ready for testing.

Desired business relationship

Trade Agreement, License Agreement, Technical cooperation: further development, Technical Cooperation: testing of new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

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