Fluorometric sensor based on a polymeric material, for the “in situ” detection and quantification of anions, principally chloride, in industrial water, potable water and/or sweat.

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Summary of the technology

The method developed in this patent is based on the preparation of new polymeric materials, which act as fluorometric sensors, for anions and, especially, for chlorides, in aqueous solution, for example in industrial water, potable water and/or sweat.
The detection of chlorides is very important both for the pre-diagnosis of diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, and for the water quality control.

New and innovative aspects

The copolymers of the present invention are completely reusable, being only necessary a water wash to be used again.

They can be used as continuous chloride detectors (in the case of industrial waters or for human consumption), as well as in dressings (in the case of sweat).

Main advantages of its use

This method can be applied in different media without any previous treatment of the sample. In addition, the presence of chlorides can be detected qualitatively at first sight, thanks to the change in fluorescence that takes place.

As advantages respect to other methods, it does not require electricity, previous calibration before the measurement or manipulation of chemical reagents, some of them being costly, which also supposes a limitation when carrying out routine tests.


    This invention is based on the preparation of a copolymer (linear or cross-linked), comprising preferably a bromide salt, by the polymerization of at least two monomers. This polymerization is carried out by direct reaction of polymerizable groups present in each of the monomers and the result is presented in the form of films, solid membranes (dense or porous), like as coatings and in the form of a dressing.

    The resulting copolymers can be used as sensors for the qualitative or quantitative detection of anions, and especially of chlorides, in water and / or in aqueous solution such as sweat. The measurement of chloride concentration in sweat is applicable in the detection and diagnosis of diseases, particularly cystic fibrosis.

    The method is based on that, in the presence of anions, large changes take place in the fluorescence of the copolymer. As the concentration of chlorides increases, the fluorescence disappears and the result can be measured using, at least, a method independently chosen between:

    • visual detection by the naked eye; or
    • the use of spectroscopic techniques based on fluorescence.


    It presents a high responsiveness in:

    • Drinking water.
    • Industrial water.
    • Bio relevant fluids: Healthcare system: monitoring and or diagnisis of various conditions through the measurement of chlorides in sweat and other biofluids.

    Intellectual property status

    Protected by PCT/EP/2018/067048

    Current development status

    Several prototypes have been manufactured in laboratory tests.

    Desired business relationship

    Commercial agreement, License agreement, Technical cooperation: further development, Technical Cooperation: testing of new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

      Intellectual property status

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