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The method for evaluation of endothelial function based on the measurement of changes in skin fluorescence induced by blood flow perturbation

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Summary of the technology

Flow Mediated Skin Fluorescence (FMSF) method meets the demand for a simple, fast, inexpensive, non-invasive test for the assessment of endothelial function that is reliable, easy to carry, and thus it is possible to apply for a large population of patients, e.g. for the purpose of screening and monitoring the patient's response to treatment. It allows the assessment of both systole (LFR) and diastole of blood vessels (HFR), and also allows to track the kinetics of changes in response to reactive hyperemia.

FMSF method allows the detection of vascular endothelial dysfunction at an early stage of the disorder to identify patients for preventive or therapeutic intervention, or to more accurate and more complex diagnostic tests.
FMSF method allows to monitor the healing process, to observe the influence of drugs on the vascular condition, or the influence of exercise training on overall health.
FMSF method has already acquired intellectual property protection in the EU (decision of the intention to grant a patent - European patent application EP12727444.7); the patent procedure in other largest markets worldwide is ongoing.

Further details are enclosed in attached documents.

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