Media development for events, cultural dissemination and learning: 3D animations, graphic design and web design.

  • Universidad de Burgos
  • From Spain
  • Responsive
  • Innovative Products and Technologies

Summary of the technology

- We use the new technologies and its combination to make proffesional media projects.

- The media projects are very useful in the dissemination of culture, heritage, learning and events. New technologies are essential to communication in these areas and we know how to use them.

- Our work in new tecnlologies increases de effectiveness of the communication because the users and the audience is most attentive to the meaning of the message.

Description of the tech for sale

We have a specialized teamwork that works on new technologies as media production, graphic design and computer graphics. We can develope projects for differents kinds of aims, but we have experience working on the dissemination of culture and heritage, media development for events (video, 3D design, marketing 2.0, augmented reality...) and the development of new technologies and media for education and learning.


- We have facilities and a specialized teamwork. We have a virtual reality room, a media lab and media equipment for develope any kind of project (in theese areas) - We can develope projects of 3D design, video, videogames, augmented reality, graphic design, web apps, social media and virtual reality.

Main advantages of its use

  • - We have a multidisciplinary teamwort and we are able to manage the whole project.


  • Events
  • Dissemination of culture and heritage
  • Education and learning
  • Entertaiment

Related Keywords

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About Universidad de Burgos

The aim of the The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Univesidad de Burgos is to promote Innovation technology through the reseach results transfer and the conexions between the University and the new needs and requirements of the society - we are the link between the University and the Industry. Contact person: José Manuel López (

Universidad de Burgos

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