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Ion Implant Gas Delivery Systems

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Summary of the technology

Examples of sub-atmospheric gas delivery technology suitable to deliver such species might be adsorption of the ion implantation gas onto solid or use of a solid precursor source for the source gas.This offering incorporates both the onsite electrochemical production of arsine and the utilization of ionic liquids as complexing agent for the delivery of phosphine and 11BF3 molecules.

Description of the technology

In the semiconductor fabrication process, ion implant is a step utilizing hazardous gases such as arsine, phosphine and others to dope semiconductors such as silicon. Since the source gases for the ions desired are hazardous themselves, systems incorporating safety in handling and use of the source gases are highly valued. Customers typically do not purchase or desire high pressure cylinders of the gases utilized in this market, but would rather have a system which either produces the desired species on demand, or incorporates technology which greatly reduces the risk of a catastrophic release.


Processes, devices, compositions and systems for delivering hazardous gases to ion implant tools via sub-atmospheric methods in the semiconductor industry are offered. Technology includes electrochemical arsine production as well as systems employing ionic liquids as the delivery medium for phosphine and 11B- enriched boron trifluoride

Main advantages of its use

  • Both technologies are delivered to the customer in a form approved for use under current building and fire permits
  • Detailed materials of construction and analytical methodology available
  • High available content of ion implant gas mass
  • Significant laboratory equipment for test and development available
  • Technology allows for customer returns of spent cylinders to supplier for refill
  • Technology and process developed well beyond prototype stage
  • Two technologies allows for delivery of dominant gases used in ion implant market


  • This technology is mainly of use in the semiconductor fabrication process

Additional information (attached documents)

Additional information (attached documents)

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