Seeking a composition of filtrating lands and cellulose for the food industry

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Desired outcome

The objective of the present challenge is to find a partner to co-develop a filtration coadjuvand product based on a mix of Pearlite, kieselgurs and cellulose fibre. Turn over: 500.000euros, 250.000 tons/year, with a expected grow of 1 million euros. Final benefit. 3% (based on agreement)

Details of the Technology Call

Our company of chemical specialities needs to develop a filtration coadjuvand product based on a mix of Pearlites, kieselgurs and cellulose fibre.

The product has to have a controlled permeability ( it will be specified) and good properties of retention of fine particles from food liquid products through filter´s types of : candela, disks or plates.

For the development of the Project we think in a technical expert or in a company with the infrastructure to produce mixes of lands with cellulose fibre with high grade of precision and mix uniformity

Related Keywords

  • Filtration and Membrane Processes
  • Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • Other speciality materials
  • Pearlites
  • cellulose
  • kiersergurs
  • coadjuvant product

About Us

Spanish based company, with high input in innovation, develops and produces detergents of high quality, disinfectants, auxiliary products and chemical specialities for the lager industry, lactics, processed foods and is focused especially in the hotel and institutional market.