Seeking PFAS-free Low-Friction Coating for metallic cutting edges

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  • From European Union
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  • Project Size Range : Strategic project backed by large scale funding €
  • Deadline at 12/05/2024

Desired outcome

A world leader in fast-moving consumer goods is looking for a technical solution to replace PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), currently used as a low-friction coating on metallic cutting edges. The desired solution should be an alternative material outside the PFAS family and offer a scalable process for depositing the material on the metallic cutting edge. The coating must exhibit excellent adhesion to the metallic cutting edge substrate, be ultrathin (preferably below 100 nm), durable for repeated, long-term use in wet/soapy environments, safe for skin contact, and avoid the use of fluorochemistry or corrosive materials.

Organization from European Union


It is within our company's Roadmap to phase out all PFAS in our products.This aim is accelerated due to recent EU regulatory pressure (PFAS Restriction proposal in EU eg). PTFE has traditionally been used as final coating on metallic cutting edges due to its unique properties in terms of low-friction, durability and skin compatibility in a multitude of applications. It has become though imperative to replace this technology but without compromising its properties.

Business objectives to be achieved with the solution:

We are seeking for a solution that can replace in total the PTFE coating in our production of all metallic cutting edges, while retaining a smooth and fluid cutting performance for many uses. It is also important to retain relevant costs (materials & process) at reasonable levels.

Must Haves:

Technical requirements:

  • Low-friction properties.
  • Ensure the coating has excellent adhesion to themetallic cutting edges substrate (Stainless Steel and metal oxides)
  • Durable for long-term use in wet/soapy environments.
  • Skin compatible materials
  • Exclusion of fluorochemistry or processes involving corrosive materials.

    Discarded solutions that have been tested

  • Hard coatings (MoS2), Ceramic coatings.

Business requirements:

  • Scalable process for depositing the chosen material onmetallic cutting edges.

Legal / Environmental requirements:

Nice to have:

  • Ultrathin coating (preferably below 100nm).
  • Low-cost materials/process.
  • Sustainable materials/process.

Open to collaborating with start-ups, universities, and research centers worldwide, regardless of geographical location, that are working on solutions beyond TRL 3 (Experimental proof of concept).

Intellectual Property (IP) Management Requirements:Any IP status is applicable.

Importantto provide any relevant non-confidential information on the solution development, (eg trial data, research papers, efficacy data etc), any results or data that can prove the efficiency of your solution, PoC, pilots, testing, research results that can demonstrate the solution feasibility through pilot/test trials, and/or simulations.

Desired Business Relationship:

Open to any business relationship on the negotiations stage. Among them: R&D contract, Technology Licensing, Joint Development, Supply Agreement, Patent Sale.

Award Category:

In exchange for a suitable and selected proposal and innovative idea, our company is willing to offer a collaboration in a business contract frame for the development of prototypes. Upon promising results, it is estimated that parties could possibly continue their collaboration aiming in technology transfer and scale up.

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