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Desired outcome

We are looking to introduce a new product to the market to mitigate damage caused to asphalt shingle roofs caused by severe hail storms. We are looking for companies with innovative technologies to help us solve this problem. Ideally, the partnering company already has the product in commercial stage. Alternatively, we would be looking into joining the commercialization process to bring the product to the market.

Details of the Technology Call

The coating should be clear in order to be applied to existing asphalt shingle roofs with a variety of colours without interfering with the colour; The coating should be impact resistant (endures impact with kinetic energy greater than 15 to protect asphalt shingle roof from severe hail damage. Coating should be resistant to weathering (should not yellow, cause colour fading, or peel off), easy to apply and economical.

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About Polymorph Group, Inc.

Polymorph Group is a science-driven organization that licences, develops, markets and sells novel innovative technologies. Our portfolio of products consists of high performance engineered thermal insulation coatings that increase energy efficiency and, at the same time, prevent corrosion, are chemically resistant, prevent mold formation, are environmentally friendly and easy to apply. The coatings are developed for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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