Seeking a coating, suitable for chrome finishings (e.g.: bathroom faucets or similar) that prevents them to become dirty with fingerprints and makes them unaffected (or easily cleanable) by limescale

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Desired outcome

The coating solutions presented should make the chrome finishings easier to be clean from fingerprints and limescale stains or ideally be unaffected. This should also be long lasting and resistant to the cleaning agents typically present in the bathroom environment. It should not affect the aspect of the chrome finishing.

Details of the Technology Call

The existing solutions for the bathroom products (hydrophobic coatings based on nanotechnology have been used on vitreous china for WC's and on glass for shower screens) are either not effective enough (limescale is still difficult to clean) or the coating dissappears after a short period of time.

The solutions should rely on a proven technology, ready to be industrialised in high volumes at an affordable cost. Even that the preferred Type of Request is "Supplier", also "Joint Development" could be welcome

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