Seeking Low temperature encapsulation technology systems for encapsulation of flavours / aromas

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Desired outcome

The company is an established manufacturer of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) products
incorporating a range of flavourings (e.g., fruit, herb, botanical or synthetic versions). Flavour
molecules with high volatility and a low boiling point (e.g., esters and lactones) tend to evaporate from
the product even at ambient temperatures, leading to loss of the desired flavour profile over time.

To extend the ‘freshness’ and shelf life of these products it is desirable to protect and stabilise the
flavour compounds through encapsulation. Some traditional methods of encapsulating aromas and
flavours (e.g.,spray drying) require the use of high temperatures which can also lead to loss of volatile
compounds and poor encapsulation efficiency. However, recently a number of alternative
encapsulation approaches have been developed that operate at low temperatures, and are
therefore suitable for use with volatile flavours / aroma molecules.

Strategic Allies Ltd.

Details of the Innovation Need

The client is actively seeking suppliers of low temperature encapsulation technology and/or technical support relating to the use of these systems for encapsulation of flavours / aromas.

Desirable partner characteristics:

• Suppliers of low-temperature (<60°C) spray-drying technology or other low-temperature encapsulation technologies for use with highly volatile compounds e.g., esters / lactones (technology must be commercially available), and/or

• Service providers offering product development support for the above

• Experience working with volatile flavours / aromas such as esters and lactones, and provision of encapsulation inclusion rate data

• R&D and pilot plant (up to 1kg) facilities to support development work

• Analytical capabilities e.g., for measuring inclusion rate

Desirable technology characteristics:

• Access to (commercially available) low-temperature encapsulation technologies

• Operation at low temperatures (ideally < 60°C, but at least below 100°C)

• The ability to produce micron scale powders, granules or capsules (maximum diameter 1mm)

• Applicability to a range of encapsulation matrices

• Moisture stability (end product will contain some liquid)

• Continuous operation preferred

• Evidence of product safety (e.g., for food use)

• Scalable (to tonnes/year ultimately)

The compani is looking for organisations that will become trusted partners. The company is open to exploring different ways of working with technology developers starting ideally with collaborative research and development projects; and ultimately exploring other approaches such as licensing of technology with high technical readiness, joint-ventures or technology purchase

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  • Food Processing
  • Food Technology
  • encapsulation

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