Seeking Products, Devices or Ingredients for Malodor Mitigation

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Desired outcome

Seeking products, devices or ingredients that can remove, destroy or prevent malodors for indoor spaces, including air, hard and soft surfaces and fabrics.

The Procter & Gamble Company

Details of the Innovation Need

Description of the need:

Products, devices or ingredients that can remove, destroy or prevent malodors for indoor spaces, including air, hard and soft surfaces and fabrics (homes, cars, upholstery, carpet, clothing, commercial buildings, elderly care homes, hotels).

What we are looking for:

Benefit areas of interest are:

  • Products/devices/ingredients that remove, destroy or prevent malodors found in homes, cars, indoor areas.
  • Able to reduce or eliminate cooking odors, cleaning odors, pet odors, cigarette/cigar, mold/mildew odors, body odors, garbage odors and bathroom odors.
  • Works to remove or prevent one or more classes of odor ingredients: aldehydes, alcohols, amines/ammonia, sulfurs (especially sulfides), fatty acids, indoles or their precursors.
  • Especially helpful if eliminates/destroys or captures formaldehyde, isovaleric acid, dimethyl disulfide, trimethylamine, toluene, ammonia.
  • For hard surfaces: removal of plastic malodor/malodor caused by food soils on plastic

Product Forms can include, for example:

  • Fluids, sprayable solutions, spray applied products.
  • Plugged in devices, rechargeable devices, battery powered devices, durable products/devices.
  • Filters, coatings on filters, catalytic or light activated devices, coatings on surfaces, disposable products.
  • New active ingredients for use in these products. Ingredients for use in sprays may be water-soluble or insoluble micro-particles.

Products with the following benefits:

  • Captures and/or breaks down odor molecules to non-harmful by-products
  • Can be safely evaporated, aerosolized, or sprayed with humans/pets present, or are prevented from inhalation through e.g. surface immobilization.
  • Prevents odors from forming by mitigation of malodor precursors or malodor-producing processes.

What we are not interested in:

  • Products/devices that mask malodors
  • Products/devices that don’t have a consumable/refill
  • Products that don’t have a meaningful performance benefit or advantage vs. commercially available solutions.
  • Generally, we are not interested in managing regulatory registrations for new materials when required (e.g. pesticides in certain markets). However, these issues can be discussed.
  • Nanotechnology will generally need to be able to be immobilized, and we are not interested in using such technologies in spray products.

Related Keywords

  • Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Outoor Air Pollution/Treatment
  • Indoor Air Pollution/Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Sensor Technology related to measurements
  • Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators
  • Consumer related
  • Consumer Products
  • Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment
  • malodor

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