Seeking Data Analytics expertise for motion (inertial) and physiology data sets from wearables/consumer products

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Desired outcome

Our client is a leading developer of portable/handheld electronic devices, providing a range of desirable,
high-quality lifestyle products to consumers worldwide. They have a strong brand and reputation for
innovative and high-performance products, and are continually working to improve their functionality and
benefits for current and new customers. The company has collected initial data from the device and its
interaction with the consumer and now wishes to better understand the relevance of the data for future
studies and ongoing product development. This data contains both physiological data by use of a
wearable (heart rate, galvanic skin response, etc) and inertial (motion) data from rudimentary sensors
embedded in the device (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer). Whilst they are able to uncover
basic insights, they do not have the in-house capabilities to review the inertial data (e.g. understanding what
is background noise from detectable events such as a handshake or gestures), understand which
physiological data attributes are important, how this might impact the users’ behaviour (or movements),
and the relationship between the data sets.

Details of the Innovation Need

The client requires ongoing relationships with companies/consultants who can advise, provide insights, analyse the data and help direct future workstreams, ensuring the client is optimising their product development based on this valuable user data. The client is therefore actively searching for expertise and providers of analytic services for the following phases of work:-

- Provide initial insights on inertial data – ensuring collecting appropriate data (e.g. sample frequency / rate), advise which metrics most useful moving forward, set up reference measurements for gesture analysis;

- Provide insights to physiological data and its relevance to events;

- Review and transform/clean data to ensure relevant data is available for review;

- Analysis of data to provide direction for future studies;

- Work with client to enable the move from batch processing of legacy datasets, to a dynamic system capable of stream analytics - cleansing data streams to enable real-time (within 10’s of seconds) actionable insights.

Potential partners could be developing their own technology platforms and/or currently be serving the following industries:- - Wearables, Gaming / VR, Health / Fitness feedback, Sports performance, Ergonomics / Health & Safety, Medical (incl. self-monitoring, rehabilitation, eating disorders), Entertainment/performing arts, Robotics.

The client is looking for companies/consultants that will become trusted service providers for their NPD teams. This therefore represents an excellent business opportunity for an ongoing partnership with a leading and global product manufacturer. The client is also interested in engaging with start-ups that have developed a product / technology platform for their own application – the client can provide resources to support development of new applications via their corporate venturing arm. All potential partners should be able to demonstrate their capability and experience for this search.

Related Keywords

  • Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
  • Data processing, analysis and input services
  • wearables

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