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Seeking Cleaning agents for Solar Panels

Posted by Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer IndiaResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : 0 - 50,000 € · Deadline at 30/04/2020 · India

Desired outcome

Cleaning agents for Solar Panels (Commercial) is the broad requirement. Solar panels gather dust, soil, bird droppings, fog, moisture and other matter resulting in layer formation that needs to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain the performance of the solar panels. The cleaning agent should be a custom composition that can particularly remove cement dust and other dirt matter mentioned efficiently without damaging the glass because of the harsh chemicals it may have. The composition of the cleaning agent should also be devoid of any chemicals that may be harmful environmentally or be toxic to the human personnel in view of exposure during the cleaning activity in the field.

Details of the Technology Call

Mode Technology Transfer Acceptable:The product need to have proven capability at commercial scale. The first step would have to be able to furnish sample for evaluating or demonstrating the effectiveness. If reasonably satisfactory, the options could be a license to make it or technology transfer.

Field of Use and Intended Application:The chemical agent or formulation is meant for cleaning commercial solar panels.

Desired Outcome of the Solution: The cleaning agent should help remove hard to remove scales or any dirt/soil matter adhering over a period of time and not harm the glass over the solar panel that otherwise may result in reduced efficiency.

The cleaning agents need to be environmentally safe, non-toxic and cost effective.

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